Launching the KabukiU Online Store June 01 2014

We're really excited to launch the new KabukiU online store.  

Owner / Designer Telina Webb’s been creating and producing garments for over three decades.

Telina enjoyed her first label in the 1980’s when she and one of her seven sisters teamed up. However, as their individual families grew they each took a different direction, going their separate ways.


Along the way Telina has raised four children. She set her goals aside for a period to raise them but all the while staying within the fashion creation field by designing and dressmaking on a personal basis.

As the new century commenced Telina found herself being drawn more and more into the mainstream of fashion, developing her own creative style further and heading towards the luxury lingerie market.

She has since drawn on her Euro-Asian heritage, successfully creating the unique hand-made range of Kimonos by Telina under the KabukiU label (pronounced ka-boo-kee-you).

The product had been initially available through Telina’s boutique store, undergoing some further design development to ensure it was clearly set apart in the luxury garment category.

It was during this time the Kimono Trousseau, a three-piece set comprising of a kimono, matching pants and 3-metre Obi, was developed.


These exciting and completely unique products have been on the runways of Australia and New York many times.

Totally supporting the Australian Fashion Industry the label is completely Australian owned, designed, and manufactured.

With a philosophy that does not endorse sweat-shops or child labor on any level, Telina is confident her savvy clients’ on-going patronage is proof the world is changing to willingly embrace and respect the true meaning of eco-couture.

She believes every woman has the right to feel truly beautiful and hopes her kimonos continue to do just that.


Personally, she is mother to four, grandmother to 7, with passions for motorcycling, cooking, and travelling in her spare time.