How do I shorten / take up my Kimono?

See our Tutorial eMagazine:




Are the products actually hand-made?

Yes. All the products are hand-made. All the samples are made by Telina Webb, then the stock items are hand-made and supervised for quality assurance and ethical practices throughout the construction process.



Where are the products made?

All our products are currently made in Australia.


Where are the fabrics sourced?

Fabrics are sourced nationally and internationally.


How is the price-bracket calculated?

The price bracket is calculated based on the total costing of the materials incorporated into the products, designing, packaging, and Australian Labor Industry Regulations.



How long does delivery take?

We Express Post, so in Australia you can expect to receive your order easily within a week. International delivery does take a little longer.


Can I track my order?

Yes, all orders are dispatched with a unique Consignment Note Number.


How can I pay?

We currently have several payment options:



Utilising the PayPal facility ensures we do not hold any of your credit card or banking information.


SecurePay – VISA & Mastercard

Utilising the SecurePay facility ensures we do not hold nay of your credit card or banking information.


Debit Success – This is an electronic layby facility.

If you choose this option at Checkout you will taken to a link which will connect you directly with Debit Success, and away from KabukiU. A set-up fee of $10.00 is charged once-only, and interest of 4.5% is applied for the layby service. All charges are payable to Debit Success. KabukiU does not receive any payment for layby services. Once the layby has been completed and paid in full, Debit Success notifies KabukiU and your product(s) are immediately dispatched.

Is my transaction secure?

All transactions are completely secure and encrypted. KabukiU does not at any time retain any of your credit card or banking information.


Does KabukiU keep my banking information?

At no time does KabukiU retain any of your credit card or banking information.


Is the Gift Card electronic or do I actually receive one in the mail?

The Gift Card is electronic, sent direct to your nominated email address with instructions on how to use / redeem the full value.


How long has KabukiU been operating?

KabukiU has been operating since 2004.


Is KabukiU Australian owned & operated?

KabukiU is proudly 100% owned and operated.


What is KabukiU’s refund / return policy?